Working with luxury beauty brands is a bit like being a kid in a sweetshop, there's a tendency to want it all! 
However, I have learnt that you don't have to always spend big to get the best quality.
There are some bargain beauty buys out there that perform very well without the hefty price tag to match. 
This little collection of wonder products may give you change from a ten pound note but are still my preferred choice over the equivalent lux brands because they perform incredibly well and I love them just as they are, so I'm giving them the credit they rightly deserve!

I have tried the much hyped, cult French pharmacy micellar water from Bioderma and honestly cannot tell the difference between said water and this one from Garnier.
Dispersed onto cotton pads I remove all traces of face and eye make up with this until every last scrap is gone (I then wash my face with a cleansing wash)
It's great. Does exactly what it's supposed to!

This is my favourite mascara of all time and I will never cheat on it until the day it is discontinued (at which point I will run out and bulk buy all remaining stock!)
I find mascara is a tough one as every body's requirements differ depending on how their lashes are naturally. 
Mine are pretty straight, neither particularly long nor thick. My routine for the last 15 or so years has been to GENTLY heat up my lash curlers with my hairdryer before GENTLY curling them and then lightly applying mascara (too much and the weight forces the curl to drop) in a wiggling motion from the mid lengths to tips, barely coating them, almost just tickling the lashes softly with the brush.
For this, somewhat strange but foolproof technique, Doll'd Up Mascara is the dream with its anti clump brush and 24 hour staying power.
I don't find that it runs or smudges and is easily removed at the end of the day with the micellar water mentioned above.

I made the switch to a natural deodorant in the Summer as it had been something I was keen to try out since hearing increasing negative press relating to aluminium compounds in traditional deodorants and their possible links to breast cancer.
On the recommendation of an acquaintance who had herself fought breast cancer and then ditched all of her chemical laden beauty products as a precaution, I gave this one a go and haven't looked back since.
100% natural and fragrance free, it allows the body to perspire as nature intended but helps to inhibit the growth of odour forming bacteria.

I was a little nervous at first in terms of anticipating its effectiveness but it does the job perfectly and it's reassuring to know that I am saving myself from unnecessary exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

Available as a solid crystal stick as well as this spray, 1 ltr spray refill and travel size.

This is probably my biggest beauty discovery of the year and has been a total game changer!
Created for the professional market, slick this top coat on and enjoy up to 7 days of chip resistant wear all thanks to its self curing, gel effect, acrylic and shellac mix of durability and high shine.
It's designed to work with the colours from the same range but I have found it to be effective over any brand of polish.
Absolute holy grail product!
Available in Sally stores nationwide and at and 

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner - £3.99 400ml 
(smaller sizes available)
Ok, so if you are not already aware of this super tip, then the next bit of advice might actually change your life!
Somewhere years ago I read about replacing traditional shaving foam with hair conditioner to make shaving legs a doddle. Think about it.
It's softening so makes hair more supple, resulting in a much closer shave. It's slippy so allows the razor to glide with ease and it's conditioning, so leaves skin silky soft.
I have found that this technique works best if you towel dry legs so they are damp then slather on a generous amount of conditioner, wait a minute or so and then shave your way to fuzz free perfection.
I like to use Herbal Essences because it's cheap enough to use in abundance and smells great but you could potentially use any brand.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs in Light - £9.99 (more colours available)
For the last decade I have not once bared my legs without first smoothing on this magical limb perfecting make up. I seriously could not expose my skin without it!
It instantly perfects with a golden tan and covers any freckles, veins or imperfections leaving pins to rival Barbie's.
It wont run in light to moderate rain, it wont streak if your friend accidentally spills her drink down your legs but it will transfer if you brush against light coloured fabric or go to bed without showering it off first so remember to treat it as make up.
Spray directly into hands and smooth all over legs, add more to build coverage, wait for a couple of minutes before dressing.
A new lotion formula is now also available as well as the classic spray.