Day Tripping in Broadstairs

With a couple of days off just as the thermometer rose above 22 degrees we decided to make a hasty stampede to the beach.

In the mood for a change of scenery and new shores to explore we decided upon Broadstairs, 1 hour and 22 minutes from London St Pancras on the fast train.

Unbeknown to us it was Folk Week so the place was mobbed and the streets filled with visitors, morris dancers and live music which made for a jovial atmosphere.

We chose a little spot on Stone Bay, a less crowded beach lined with coloured huts and white chalk cliffs.

Sandy toes, sunny skies and blue as far as the eye can see.

Lunch at Wyatt & Jones was a delight with views down onto Viking Bay, the anchovy toast is a must and the dover sole, perfection.

anchovy toast | breaded brisket, barbecue sauce | salt cod fritter, caper jam

dover sole, buttered leeks & brown shrimp, fried garlic potatoes, greens

Wandering through the town I was drawn to this beautiful looking street, Serene Place with its ancient looking higgledy piggledy cottages.
On returning home I discovered that you can actually stay in this one, The Serene House, through air bnb!

I stood in line and queued for ice cream at Morelli's to see what all the fuss was about but have to say I wasn't all that enamoured personally, it was fine but pretty unmemorable after the suspense of the wait.

Last stop for us was The chapel, a bar that used to be a bookstore, that used to be a church.
This was a cool little place where we happened to walk in on an amazing guy Benjin playing a live set on the harp, cello and guitar, completely unexpected and a lovely way to end our trip before catching the train home.