RE Found Objects, Corbridge

RE Found Objects, Corbridge

Don't you just love finding hidden gems in the most un likeliest of places?

RE is a unique lifestyle and home accessories store, set in a converted workshop at the back of a filing station in the small market town of Corbridge, Northumberland.

I first visited around 5 years ago and was mesmerised by the variety of products on offer as well as the amount of thought and imagination that had gone into the merchandising and display.

I called in again recently and was happy to discover the space looking as magical as I remember.

re squid.JPG
re fish.JPG
re figures .JPG

You really must do a few laps of the floor to take it all in, and every time you go around you will notice something different.

From posters, prints, stationary, books, vintage maps and gift cards, to haberdashery, soaps, sweets, candles, crockery and glassware.

A selection of kitchenalia, rainbow coloured rugs and fabrics and lots of little one off flea market finds, RE really is a sight for aesthetic appreciating eyes.

re jugs.JPG
re sweets.JPG
re ribbons.JPG
re plates.JPG
re bistro.JPG
re pantry.JPG
re plants.JPG

If you aren't within physical reach of RE, the good news is that you can still shop from a wide selection of products online.

Definitely a site to bookmark for the next time you are on the hunt for a unique gift for a special friend or family member!

REfound Objects, Bishops Yard, Main Street, Corbridge NE45 5LA