A Stay At The Beckford Arms - Tisbury

A Stay At The Beckford Arms - Tisbury

The call of the country is never far from my ears

and The Beckford Arms had been high on my wish list for some time.

We took the train from London Waterloo direct to Tisbury, a village in Wiltshire's Nadder Valley and rather optimistically decided we would walk the remainder of the journey. 

Whilst this decision treated us to stunning sights of the village with it's gorgeous little stone pubs and cottages topped with thatched roofs and smoking chimneys, it was much further than we had anticipated so you might prefer to book a cab unless you are up for a hike!

wiltshire cottage.JPG
beckford arms front.JPG

We arrived around mid day and the place was packed with jolly faces enjoying mid week lunch dates and cheeky post dog walk pints by the open fire.

Can't say that I blame them because if this was my local, I would honestly never leave.

We were early and our room wasn't yet ready which gave us the perfect opportunity to take a seat at the bar and reward ourselves for our marathon hike with a well earned gin & tonic.

Everything about The Beckford is aesthetically pleasing in a relaxed, traditional, rustic style.

There are 8 bedrooms, a traditional pub bar, restaurant, sitting room and garden terrace.

beckford door .JPG

We got a little too acquainted with the friendly barman and by the time we staggered up to check out our room we were feeling very relaxed and completely at home.

We must have dozed off and a couple of hours later I woke in mild panic that we may have snoozed through our dinner reservation - thankfully not.

The menu's change with the seasons and availability of the freshest produce.

Typically, comfort food style home cooking is what's on offer,  where possible, ingredients used are picked straight from the kitchen garden or sourced from local growers within the community.

beckford bath.JPG

After a fine feast and an evening of getting to know the friendly folk who run the place, the team headed home and we returned to our room.

The inn is unmanned overnight but you are left with everything you could possibly need and being self sufficient adds to the feeling of living as lady of the manor for the night.

I ran a midnight bath and before long was swaddled in Siberian goose down and drifting off to sleep again.

window view .JPG

Next morning the sun was out, the birds were singing, everything was looking picture perfect as I peeked out to our neighbours but ohhhhhhh my head!

Our decision to stay up late into the night drinking red wine had backfired, but nothing that a good breakfast and stomp through the Font Hill Estate couldn't sort out!

beckford breakfast.JPG
fonthill gates.JPG

You can take a walking route map from reception, we chose the easier of the two routes and still somehow managed to do it all back to front, but it didn't matter.

The surrounding estate is beautiful and the weather couldn't have been kinder to us.

water 2.JPG

Back at base, with the cobwebs well and truly blown off there was just enough time for a burger by the fire before heading off to catch our train back to London.

The burgers are seriously, seriously, good! Definitely try and squeeze one in if you can.

beckford fire .JPG

Rooms from £95 including breakfast.

The Beckford Arms, Fonthill Gifford, Tisbury, Wiltshire SP3 6PX