IN TOWNHelen RayComment

Lunch at The Patricia, Jesmond

IN TOWNHelen RayComment
Lunch at The Patricia, Jesmond

A restaurant named after a chefs Grandmother cannot help but evoke feelings of heart warming comfort. So we were already off to a winner.

The Patricia was high on my list of foodie hot spots to visit since temporarily moving back to Newcastle, so I made a reservation as an early Valentines treat while my other half was in town visiting.  

We found ourselves here on a cold, grey afternoon in February, to a soundtrack of Rolling Stones classics filling the air and a steady stream of small plates filling our happy bellies.

pat table.JPG

I completely fell in love with this gorgeous little bistro from the offset, its pretty aubergine paintwork and Parisian style curtain hanging at half mast in the window, inviting passers by to wonder at the mystery of the secret scenes that lie beyond.


Inside the same moody hues create a dim but cosy environment, free of pretension, not the slightest scent of try hard, just relaxed, understated, and authentic.

At Saturday lunch, diners are invited to choose from a selection of small plates designed to share, a mix of English bistro style cooking with hints of European influence.

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The food was straight out of a dream.

Staggered in impeccably timed, leisurely rounds from the kitchen.

oysters pat.JPG

Warm sourdough fresh from the oven, Lindisfarne oysters, Cantabrian anchovies from the bay of Biscay, roasted leeks with barrel aged feta and Romesco sauce.


Meatballs in tomato sauce and Brussels sprouts with parmesan


Perfect, golden dumplings of steaming Gnocchi Parisienne with shitake mushrooms and Parmigiano Reggianno was particularly heavenly.


Somewhere along the way, delicate spider crab with roasted peppers missed out on its photographic opportunity, and classic affogato espresso ended things beautifully.

Hats off to chef and owner Nick Grieves, I actually felt like giving a standing ovation in the direction of the open kitchen at the end of our meal, which was absolutely one of the best I have eaten in a really long time.

The Patricia is everything you could want from a neighbourhood restaurant, a must for anyone visiting the city and a precious gem for lucky locals.

The Patricia, 139 Jesmond Road, Newcastle NE2 1JY.

Closed Mon-Tues, Dinner Wed-sat, Lunch Sat-Sun