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Travel Muse: Kym Grimshaw

Helen RayComment
Travel Muse: Kym Grimshaw

In this series I feature some of my favourite travel, food and interiors writers, photographers, and style conscious travellers, as I set out to uncover some of their best discoveries and travel tips both at home and away.

This month I’m in conversation with photographer and blogger Kym Grimshaw

BIO: I'm a photographer and blogger based in Bristol. Always got food in one hand and a camera in the other. I like to travel, a lot! As soon as I am back from one place my feet are itching for the next.

WHERE CAN WE FIND YOU ONLINE? on Instagram @kymgrimshaw and my food blog ontheplate.co.uk

WHERE IS HOME FOR YOU? Home is Lancashire but I've been living in Bristol for over 5 years now, so this is definitely home for me too.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD? Bristol has all the great things you want from the city but surrounded by the countryside, it's the best of both worlds. Also the food, we are spoilt rotten for good food here!

ANY LOCAL GEMS? My local greengrocer, Reg The Veg, is one of my favourite spots in the whole city. I try to get there once a week for fresh, seasonal produce if I'm around. Bar Buvette is a French wine bar - a wonderful ambient spot, good for wine and food and it genuinely feels like you've escaped Bristol for some little hidden Parisian venue! Wapping Wharf is a new development and I recommend anyone visiting the city heads here, full of local independent shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. Something for everyone here. Oh and Hart's Bakery is a must!


WHERE ARE YOUR FAVOURITE PLACES TO EAT IN THE UK? Gosh I still feel like I've got so much legwork to do on the food scene in the UK, I can't keep up! Up to now though, I'd say Timberyard in Edinburgh and The Ethicurean just outside of Bristol. Those have definitely been the most memorable.


WHERE WOULD YOU CHOOSE TO EAT YOUR LAST SUPPER AND WHAT WOULD YOU ORDER? I'd go to Chilli Daddy, a street food place in Bristol serving authentic Szechuan dishes. I always crave the beef noodle hot pot, a spicy bowl of broth, noodles, beans and nuts. It's so comforting.

WHICH WAS YOUR BEST EVER UK HOTEL/ACCOMODATION AND WHAT MADE IT SPECIAL? Elmley Nature Reserve on the Isle of Sheppey was a one of a kind place to stay, waking up to those views and feeling like you have them all to yourself is hard to beat.


WHICH UK HOTEL/ACCOMMODATION IS ON YOUR LUST LIST? Chapel House in Penzance, looks like the perfect weekend getaway and I'm finding myself drawn to Cornwall more and more.

WHICH EUROPEAN HOTEL/ACCOMMODATION IS ON YOUR LUST LIST? High on my list at the moment is 1898 The Post in Ghent. A former post office but now a beautiful boutique hotel. 

BEST EVER AIR BNB EXPERIENCE? A little cabin by a lake in the Scottish Highlands, the host left us eggs from her chickens. I love little touches like that.

A SPECIAL TRAVEL MEMORY? Visting Marrakech almost 10 years ago, not really knowing what to expect but I definitely experienced my first 'culture shock'. It was a little overwhelming at first but my senses were so stimulated by all the different sights and smells, I think it's the trip that made me want to travel more.

WHAT’S IN YOUR HAND LUGGAGE? Minimal clothes to make more space for camera gear, I like to travel as light as possible. I always pack a few different medicines just in case, earplugs and toiletries in the form of bars to save on 100ml allowance.


WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY LISTENING TO ON YOUR TRAVELS? Mostly podcasts over music these days, I like the BBC Food Programme and Emma Gannon's Ctrl Alt Delete.

WHAT IS THE BEST SOUVENIR YOU HAVE BROUGHT HOME FROM A TRIP? Most of my travels are within Europe and with hand luggage means I don't usually have room for souvenirs. I prefer consumable souvenirs if any, I recently brought back some Swedish liquorice and still holding onto a lovely tin of sardines from Lisbon.

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