In this series I feature some of my favourite travel, food and interiors writers, photographers, and style conscious travellers, as I set out to uncover some of their best discoveries and travel tips both at home and away.

This month I chat to online editor Eleanor Cording-Booth

BIO: I’m Eleanor, I’m an online editor and creative who previously worked in the luxury travel industry (which I still love - boutique hotels are my weakness in life), but another passion of mine is interiors, so I’m hopefully working towards a career where I can spend my days perving on furniture and getting paid for it!

WHERE CAN WE FIND YOU ONLINE? On Instagram @eleanorcordingbooth is my personal account and @aconsideredspace is my interiors account.

WHERE IS HOME FOR YOU? I’m from West Yorkshire (and I’m desperately trying to keep my northern accent), though, I’ve lived in central London for almost 10 years, so that feels equally like home. At the moment I’m living in Vancouver, Canada, for a few months - just felt like having an adventure! Then I’ll be back to London. Maybe less central this time though, as I’m looking for more of a community feel.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD? I’m currently 3 months into a 6-month stint here in Vancouver and we (my boyfriend and I) live in the most beautiful neighbourhood called Mount Pleasant. It’s very suburban - all detached wood-clad houses with front porches and beautiful gardens, plus so many trees everywhere, it’s stunning now that the autumn leaves are changing. Our ‘hood is also only 10 minutes to the centre of Vancouver by train.

ANY LOCAL GEMS? The street corner cafes are the real gems here. I’ve never seen anything like it in the UK where you’ll be in the middle of a residential area - houses everywhere, then on a random corner there will be awnings and little tables and chairs outside, giving way to a beautiful local cafe that often grows its own produce. They also double up as general stores, selling groceries, plants, magazines etc. There are three near where I live; The Mighty Oak, Federal Store and Le Marche St George. The latter is my favourite as it’s French and makes the most heavenly crepes and pastries.

WHERE ARE YOUR FAVOURITE PLACES TO EAT IN THE UK? Ooh, this is one of those questions where you suddenly forget everywhere you’ve ever eaten! Off the top of my head… I always love a Dishoom or Granger & Co breakfast and Padella in London makes the best sharing plates of pasta at a decent price. I also love Blanchette on Brick Lane for the cosy vibe and French-Moroccan food and Luca in Clerkenwell for its beautiful interiors and well-priced lunch menu. They’re all in London, sorry!

WHERE WOULD YOU CHOSE TO EAT YOUR LAST SUPPER AND WHAT WOULD YOU ORDER? I don’t have a particular stand-out favourite restaurant, but it would probably be pasta. Having said that, the last few great meals I’ve eaten were in California and none of them were pasta! La Copine near Joshua Tree for everything on the menu, plus Pine & Crane for dumplings and MhZh for Mediterranean sharing plates - both in LA.

WHICH WAS YOUR BEST EVER UK HOTEL/ACCOMMODATION AND WHAT MADE IT SPECIAL? I had a couple of great stays last December - one was The Pig near Bath and one was the Artist Residence in Oxfordshire. The highlights are shared by both - delicious hearty food, well designed - but crucially not twee - interiors, roaring fires and easy access to beautiful countryside on the doorstep.


WHICK UK HOTEL/ACCOMMODATION IS ON YOUR LUST LIST? I’ll be greedy and choose a handful because I adore hotels. The Gunton Arms in Norfolk for its eccentric Robert Kime interiors, Killiehuntly Farmhouse in the Scottish Highlands for warm Scandinavian minimalism, Beaverbrook in Surrey for a modern take on a classic country house and without a doubt, the newly opened Heckfield Place which has the most divine interior design - it’s absolute perfection in every way. Exactly how I’d love my home to look.

WHICH WAS YOUR BEST EVER EUROPEAN HOTEL/ACCOMMODATION AND WHAT MADE IT SPECIAL? The most memorable is still Maison La Minervetta in Sorrento. I stayed there in 2011 to review it for a magazine and it was my first truly luxurious hotel experience. It has incredible sea views from every room and bold, maximalist interiors that still look really fresh and interesting now, several years later. The way the designer displays objects and uses colour really stuck with me. It also put on a delicious breakfast spread!

WHICH EUROPEAN HOTEL/ACCOMMODATION IS ON YOUR LUST LIST? So many that we could easily be here all day, but to pick a few: Sanders in Copenhagen, Santa Clara 1728 in Lisbon, Ett Hem in Stockholm, Soho House in Barcelona, Les Roches Rouges and Camellas-Lloret, both in the south of France, plus Le Sirenuse in Positano.

BEST EVER AIR BNB EXPERIENCE? I’m going to pick three by geographical location because I’m the most indecisive person alive! In the UK, I loved this sweet little croft house on the Isle of Skye, in Copenhagen we stayed in this beautiful apartment and I loved the light, space and custom-made dining table, then in Sonoma in northern California I loved this mid-century sanctuary in a converted farm building.

A SPECIAL TRAVEL MEMORY? Seeing the northern lights in Iceland a few years ago. The driver of our coach made an announcement to quickly get off the bus at about 2am because the sky above us was quite literally exploding with vivid colour. We were told afterwards that you would rarely ever see such a sight - usually it’s just a few pale green wisps.  

WHAT’S IN YOUR HAND LUGGAGE? What isn’t in my hand luggage? I’m an over-packer by nature, so I’ve usually squeezed my entire wardrobe in there. To name a few specifics, always a book that I swear I’ll read but I actually just end up watching films, Carmex lip balm, L’Occitane hand cream, extra socks for night flights because they’re always freezing and my Bose over-ear headphones for long-haul because I’m scared of flying, so I like to block out as much ‘aircraft’ sound as possible.

WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY READING ON YOUR TRAVELS? I just bought There There by Tommy Orange, which I haven’t started yet but I plan on taking on our break to Tofino on Vancouver Island this weekend. It’s a novel about the lives of a group of Native Americans living in modern-day America. I thought the subject matter sounded interesting and something I’d like to learn more about, plus I was a bit bored of reading predictable romantic endings. Young author Sally Rooney’s books are next on my list - they sound brilliant.

WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY LISTENING TO ON YOUR TRAVELS? I am the laziest music lover. I do actually love music but I don’t actively seek out new artists and I always forget their names anyway. My friends will tell you I’m the last person on earth to hear about up-and-coming singers or bands. Often when we’re doing long car journeys, I’ll go for older classics that fit the ‘mood’ of the destination. When I’m road-tripping in North America for example, I like to listen to things like Velvet Underground, Elton John and Fleetwood Mac. I’m also partial to awful car-singing and belting out the music from my youth - so Green Day, TLC, Foo Fighters etc, much to my boyfriend’s despair...

WHAT IS THE BEST SOUVENIR YOU HAVE BROUGHT HOME FROM A TRIP? Tough one as I actively seek out trinkets and accessories whenever I’m travelling, so there are lots of items at home that I bought on my trips away. I want to fill my home with memories of my travels and I just love to see that hodge-podge of curiosities that tell a story. Recent favourites have been hand-embroidered cushions from Morocco, a huge conch shell from Rye (clearly not native to East Sussex!) and a smooth marbled bowl made from petrified wood that I bought in LA.

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